What kind of kosher do we have?

Our kashrut is of the Chief Rabbinate of Petah Tikva, Parve and Dairy, all dairy products are made with Israeli milk only.
Benjamin Rabinovich is our kashrut supervisor and his phone number, only for questions about the kashrut, is 052-7648284.

What is the weight and volume of our pints?

All alcoholic ice creams and sorbets (Tipsy Scoop) comes in 500 ml boxes and contains 400 grams.
All of Moran’s ice creams and sorbets (non-alcoholic) comes in 500 ml boxes and contain 370 grams.
The dimensions of the paint are: diameter – 9 cm, height – 10 cm.

How long does the ice cream and sorbet last?

All of our ice creams and sorbets are valid for up to six months when stored in the back of the freezer.
Production and expiry dates are printed on the packaging lids.

Do tipsy scoop ice creams and sorbets really contain alcohol?

All Tipsy Scoop ice creams and sorbets contain 5% alcohol by volume and sold to those how are 18years old and up. Moran’s ice creams on the other hand … don’t contain alcohol 🙂

How much Tipsy do I need to eat to get drunk?

The answer depends, as with any alcoholic beverage, on many elements to consider such as body mass, alcohol tolerance and what else have you eaten before? It is likely that if you consume alcohol then after eating a ball or two (100-200 grams) you will be no more than pleasantly Tipsy 🙂

When can I get free shipping?

Buying over 200 NIS will entitle you a free shipment in our store, according to the shipping policies and distribution areas listed below.

What is our Shipping Policy?

Orders received by 15:00 on Sundays – Thursdays will be delivered on the same business day from 16:00 to 21:30.

Orders received after 15:00 on Sundays – Wednesdays – will be delivered on the next business day from 16:00 to 21:30.

Orders received on Thursdays after 15:00, Fridays, Saturdays, Holiday evenings and Holidays – will be delivered on the first business day followed by 16:00 to 21:30 PM.

A Half an hour before the shipment arrives, you will get an SMS or you will receive a phone call from our courier.

Our shipping policy to the distribution areas we reach once a week on Friday:

Orders received by Friday 7:00 am and subject to the distribution day posting on our website or Facebook page will be delivered on the day of distribution.
Orders received after 7:00 am on Friday subject to the distribution date advertised on our website or Facebook page will be delivered on the distribution day the following week.

Keep up to date! The distribution days and hours will be updated in Tipsy Scoop Israel’s site, Facebook page and in Moran’s ice cream Facebook page.

What are our shipping areas?

Our shipping areas on Sundays through Thursdays are :

Ibn Yehuda, Udim, Or Yehuda, Oranit, Azor, Ahiezer, Eyal, Iros, Elishema, Elad, Arsuf, Bear Yaakov, Be’erot Yitzhak, Beit Dagan, Beit Hanan, Beit Yehoshua, Beit Nehemiah , Beit Oved, Bnei Brak, Bnei Dror, Bnei Atarot, Bnei Zion, Batzra, Barkat, Bat Yam, Galia, Givat HaShlosha, Givat Koh, Givat Shmuel, Givatayim, Galil Yam, Gan Haim, Gan Sorek, Ganot Hadar, Ganei Hadar West, Ganei Yohanan, Ganei Tikva, Gaash, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya, Zeitan, Hgor, Holon, Horeshim, Hemed, Harotzim, Tirat Yehuda, Yavneh, Yagel, Yehud, Yatzitz, Yakom, Yarhiv, Yarkona, Yishrash, Kochav Yair, Kfar hanagid, Kfar Truman, Kfar Netter, Kfar Saba, Kfar Sirkin, Kfar Shmaryahu, Magshimim, Mazor, Mazkeret Batya, Matzliah, Mishmar HaShiva, Neve Yamin, Neve Yaraq, Neve Monosson, Nofach, Nordia, Nehalim, Nahshonim, Netaim, Nir Eliyaho, Nir Zvi, Nirit, Ness Ziona, Naan, Netzer Sireni, Netanya, Savyon, Setaria , Adanim, Aynot, Petah Tikva, Zofit, Tzoran, Tzrifin, Kadima, Kiryat Ekron, Kiryat Ono, Rosh HaAyin, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Rinatia, Ramot Meir, Ramat Gan, Raanana, Rishpon, Sde Warburg and Tel Aviv.

Shipping areas we only reach once a week on Fridays :

Abu Ghosh, Ahisamach, Beit Zait, Beit Meir, Ben Shemen, Bakua, Givon Hahadasha, Givat Ze’ev, Ginaton, Gamzo, Holda, Hashmonaim, Yad Rambam, Yesodot, Jerusalem, Kfar Daniel, Kfar Samuel, Karmi Yosef, Lapid, Mavo Horon, Mavo Modiim, Mevaseret Zion, Modein, Motza Elite, Maccabim, Ma’aleh Adumim, Ma’aleh HaHamisha, Mishmar Ayalon, Mishmar David, Neve Ilan, Neve Shalom, Hahashon, Netzer Hazani, Azaria, Pethia, Tzuba, Kiryat Anavim , Reut, Shoeva, Shoresh and Shilat.

Shipping lane that will reach down south to Be’er Sheva on published date in our website and social media :

Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Ganim, Beer Sheva, Beit Kama, Gedera, Yad Mordechai, Mavkiim, Lehavim, Nitzanim, Nir Galim, Nir Am, Netivot, Omer, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Ekron and Sderot.

Shipping lane that will reach up to Haifa and the Krayot on published date in our website and social media :

Or Akiva, Binyamina, Beit Aharon, Beit Herut, Beit Hanina, Beit Yanai, Zichron Yaacov, Havatzelet Hasharon, Hadera, Hofit, Haifa, Kfar Vitkin, Kfar Yona, Karkur, Mevoot Yam, Michmoret, Maagan Michael, Maayan Zvi, Nahalim, Nesher, Atlit , Pardes Hanna, Caesarea, Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Motzkin and Sdot Yam.

The only way to know if we ship to your area is by the list above The list will be updated now and then according to the shipping areas that will be added in the future.
Unfortunately if you are not in our Shipping area you will not be able to finish your order in the site.

Where can I get Tipsy scoop out of the shipping areas?

Today, Tipsy Scoop and Moran’s ice creams are available only on our website.

We will soon expand our shipping areas and add points of sale across the country.

Keep up to date on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

Do ice creams and sorbets contain gluten?

In Tipsy Scoop ice cream and sorbets, most manufacturers of alcoholic beverages may contain or contain gluten, which is why our ice creams and sorbets are considered contain gluten, but we are looking to the future and are thinking of gluten-free products.
Moran’s ice cream ingredients s don’t contain gluten except for the vanilla cookie ice cream.
However, it is important to note that all our products are manufactured in a non-gluten-free environment and there for may contain gluten.

Have more questions?

Send us through the form on the page ״contact us״

Updated March 26, 2020.


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